Native Berries was born to spread the flavor and nutritional benefits of our acai throughout the world. We work with unusual açaí-based products made only with natural ingredients and without syrups. All of them are natural, gluten free and lactose free. The result of the perfect combination of soil, humidity, fresh water and ideal temperature found Amazonian Forest.

Blessed by nature!
Corte Superior

Our mission is to make people around the world feel grateful about nature and enjoy its flavors when tasting native berries.

Ícone Missão

Our Manifesto!

You are alive. Yes, you have today, right now—at this minute—the precious power of living. And life can be simply taken for granted by many people, but we want to ask you: have you ever stopped to really think about how nice it is to have the opportunity to wake up and live every day?

We understand that there are various ways of living. Our daily choices define the events in our lives. So, how do you choose to live?

Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools that can be practiced throughout the day to raise our vibrations.

This moment is a gift. Every moment is a gift, one after another. Day after day. True gratitude is the embodiment of appreciation of the fact that you are alive and experiencing life, and that you are able to learn and grow. It is being conscious of every moment. It is a profound and genuine gratitude for all. It is about leaving what is bad behind, and instead pursue what is good—celebrating moments, celebrating places, celebrating people, celebrating life.

Native Flavors® truly believes that every day of our lives should be the best. Being grateful is about being a participant, not just a spectator. It is about feeling new flavors. It is about feeling like you want to dance. It is about clapping your hands with joy when the sun rises. It is about appreciating the value of everything. The value of life. The value of nature.

Corte Inferior


The Ararajuba, a rare native bird from the Amazon, was chosen among countless species of plants and animals to be our brand’s symbol. Famous for feeding on various fruits, but mainly açaí berries, Ararajuba is graceful, exotic, Brazilian and has interesting values within its personality. One of which is the fact that it is a very loyal bird, that spends its lifetime with a chosen partner.