Indigenous Medicine!

A small, purple fruit. A great gift from nature to mankind. Açaí (ah-sah-ee) is the high-energy berry of a special palm tree in the Amazon and it has become an essential part of the local tribes’ diets. The word açaí comes from the local indigenous language, Tupi-Guarani, and it means "fruit that cries". An allusion to the delicious juice inside the fruit. Crying with joy.

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Fast freezing technology

Our frozen pulps are the first in the market to use the flash freezing process. This maintains its natural properties and nutrients.

The packaging is standardized so as to make it easier to open without wasting while making it easier to prepare. Simple process, better taste, more nutrients!

Mais fácil de abrir Produto nao gruda no sache - sem perda! Maior conservacao do sabor e nutrientes
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Our production process