We are one of the most certificate brands of açaí in the world!

We obey the norms and practices of organic production. We are duly accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) and accredited by the National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality (Inmetro).

We are a USDA accredited brand for a certificate of organic products, making it possible to market in the US market. We comply with National Organic Program rules, which determine the technical regulations and guidelines for the entry of organic products into the United States, regulated by the USDA.

The “Non-GMO Project” is an American non-profit organization dedicated to building awareness and ensuring the supply of non-genetically modified products. This is done through programs for education and awareness of the population and food marketing networks. The project seal identifies the products validated by the organization and is well known in the North American market, being a product reference that has quality and traceability of its inputs. The NON-GMO Certification comes to ensure that the product is free of Genetically Modified Organisms.

We meet all certifications made for the European Common Market, and IBD is accredited with the adoption of equivalent standards, using the IBD Guidelines approved by European accreditors as equivalent to the European standard.

Our products have an easy-to-see stamp so people following a vegetarian / vegan diet can identify them. Both pulps and sorbets can be included in vegan diets.

We contribute to the recycling of the materials that make up our packaging through the EuReciclo project. The project guarantees the compensation of the environmental liabilities of the participating companies. All material such as plastic or packaging papers that we put on the market turns out to be garbage. We make this calculation of how much was disposed of and we contribute with the amount corresponding to that amount to be made the recycling of the same materials in the recycling cooperatives.

Kosher certification ensures that our products are fit for consumption for the Jewish community who follow a diet according to this religion. Jews are very careful and concerned about the suffering of animals and nature and Kosher foods ensure conformity with their customs.